The (Universal) Law of Reaping and Sowing:

“Whatever you plant in your mind, you will eventually manifest in the outside World.”

You’ve probably heard (or read) a variation of this sentence many times before. I certainly have and there is a reason for that. It works. It is one of the many Laws of this Universe, of this World. Of course, as always I’ve tried this myself otherwise I wouldn’t write about it.

In the past Months I’ve been around – working, playing, learning, reading and for the most part – thinking. I’ve been generating ideas, writing them down and planting the best ones in my mind. Then nurturing them. I’m far from being optimal at growing them and keeping the best possible environment for them to grow, but I am also far from where I was one or two years ago.

You see, once you start to put your mind on ideas and take actions upon them (as we all know – Ideas only become reality if you act) – magic happens. For me it started slow and now has taken a steady pace. Once you start to conscientiously planting seeds in your mind after some time they grow and as they grow you also start to change physically – then, you start to see those plants to take over the World around you. They change your existence and your perception. Once you’ve started this process – new people come in your life, they bring new things and other ideas. It snowballs. You plant more and more, the more you plant – the more you manifest.

Be warned though – sometimes with all the new things comes also unwanted seeds. They produce weeds and these weeds try to bring down your new, beautiful garden. It has always been so. So be careful and be aware, keep your garden free from the weeds, sometimes it’s a hard job to get them out. Sometimes after doing so it hurts even. It is necessary. One cannot live in weeds. Many of us do. For too long.

As I am on my Quest to make people more aware, please, do me a favor – take a moment and think about what and who is your weeds in your mind. Get them out. Then take another moment and plant new seeds. With beautiful plants. With future. Make yourself better for yourself, your family, your friends, your community and this World. I promise, this works. I tried it.

What you sow, you shall reap.