Warming up Photo: Danijela Marinica

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

Sun tzu “the art of war”

Last time we went against Altenerding was at their home and after a very interesting and close game we barely made it out victorious with +2 points 65 to 67. I was awaiting a hard game, but I knew that we could succeed also at Hellenen Dome. We had worked on our conditioning, rebounding and fastbreaks. My guys were staring to understand the benefits of fast paced basketball and attacking before opponent can properly set up the defense. Little did I know how much of a difference we had achieved since last time.

First Quarter

As anticipated the game started off hard. At start opponents took the iniciative and scored three straight baskets in first two minutes. Then Hellboys gave an answer of three baskets in next two minutes, so we stood 6-6 at the minute 4 of first quarter. Change happened again and boys from Altenerding pushed another three baskets, then again Hellboys. At the end Hellboys missed one freethrow shot and visitors took the first half in their favor with 13 to 14. We started slow, so I instructed my guys to play much faster.

Second Quarter

We hit like a thunderstorm in late October evening right before Halloween. We opened the party with fast two points, two three-pointers and another two points. That gave us immediate 10 to 0 in this quarter and only after two minutes in, the opponents could answer with a made three-point shot. That wasn’t enough, Hellboys had smelled weakness and were on the hunt. Till minute 15 my guys made another six baskets in fast-break and put one additional three-pointer. We went up to +26 points at minute 18 in second quarter. Then for last minutes teams exchanged some baskets and we went in the half time break with very comfortable +24 points, 49 to 25 for Hellboys.

Holding the defensive position Photo: Danijela Marinica

Third Quarter

Now, we had all that buffer of extra points and we needed it in third quarter. In this teams experience they were not yet learned how to come back in after the half time break and opponents would usually take us over on third quarter. That was also the case in the first game against Altenerding. Not this time. While third quarter was not as spectacular as the second one, Hellboys did a very good job on holding their line in defense and not letting visitors to score more than total of 10 points this quarter. We did defense for the most part of the third quarter and scored just 7 points seven minutes in the third quarter. Then on the minute 38 we took over the iniciative and went on to achieve four more baskets in the third and take this quarter with 15 to 10 in our favor, stand 64 to 35 for Hellboys before closing it down in fourth.

Fourth Quarter

Beast mode again. Hellboys went in to finish their prey off. This quarter started with three straight baskets before Altenerding gave an answer. Boys continued to carry on by fast paced basketball and good penetration, took some more three point shots and landed another one of them. Visitors answered now and then with total of five baskets in this period (10 points) while Hellboys achieved wooping 26 points in the fourth. Game ended with a clear score of 90 to 45 for Hellboys. Amazing game and much needed victory! After this game we could keep our well earned 4th Place on the Standings and look into the future to get to Top 3.


I am happy to see the hard work to pay off. The best work has been done inside the heads of trusting themselves more, understanding of the concepts and winning the mental game “you vs you”. I am excited for the upcoming games to test our strength against another good and strong team of Ottobrunn here at Hellenen Dome. The first time we met, our Hellboys had shortage of players and Ottobrunn had done well in their preparations. This time we will bring the same thunderstorm what we brought upon Altenerding. Await us. We are coming. For a good basketball game, of course!

~Coach Valts