Future is not promised, past doesn’t matter. Only thing that is real – now and here. This moment. This is perhaps most valuable lesson I have learned in my life. Being here. One thing is to learn it, to acknowledge it, another to apply and practice it in everyday life.

It is not as simple as one might think. “Of course I am here and now, where could I else be if not here, silly?!” some might shout. Well, physically you are here, but where is your mind? Is your mind in this moment? Are you capable to describe everything that is going on right now in this instant? Your body inhales and exhales the air or you do it with your body? Your heart beats itself or do you beat your heart? What about your arms, legs and fingers? Do they move themselves or do you move them? Who is blinking your eyes? Can you make and feel them blink?

I will assume that you are sitting at laptop or in your bed and browsing through internet at this chilled autumn day. What are your surroundings? Close your eyes right now and imagine your surroundings in your head. Do it now. I will wait! Now, without looking around – make a list of everything that is around you. Some of the things you see everyday without even thinking about their existence or placement. Now think about them, but don’t look!

Now look. How precise is your image in your head? How precise is your list? Are you really now and here?

I found joy in being now and here. It amazed me how much it amazes other people if you posses knowledge about your surroundings and what is happening in that particular moment. People are used to be here with their bodies, but somewhere else in their minds. Always rushing, always thinking, never calming down and looking around. Confusing. We rush for the future which never comes, never will come. There will always be the next step, the next move, next, next, next…

Learn from cats. Or dogs. Cat can sit still for tens of minutes, for hours in middle of a meadow and observe it’s surroundings. Dogs might not be so focused, but you will see them to play whatever there is to play with. Branches, butterflies, birds, humans, balls. Whatever is around is interesting to them. Ha, it used to us too! When we were kids. If you happened to grow up at a countryside I bet you did spend hours looking at anthills, exploring one tree or a bush for days, observing different kind of rocks. For kids that is still interesting, fascinating even. When did we lose this ability to be in the moment?

Don’t rush. Stop for a moment and enjoy it. Next time you drink water – taste it. Next time when you eat – eat. Don’t think about work, think about that tasty flavour that is filling your mouth. When you drink tea – drink it slowly and with care, let the hot liquid fill your body with warm feelings.

Be here, be happy.