“Live like you were dying. Love because you are.” /Mark Green

It is funny sometimes – we think that everything will last. Despite the history of our World, our ancestors, us. Despite of all that is going on right next to us, around us. That is human nature I guess. Hope, belief and love keeps us going. And in period that is yet most peaceful of human history – get us sleepy. Recently I came to realization (which can vary in future, of course) that the most important drive becomes from love in our lives, if we realize that it can end at any moment. Once you find the strength in yourself to love, nothing seems impossible or too hard. It turns on a force that pulls you forward. No more pushing yourself, no more excuses, no more hardness in ones mind. Once you find the love for yourself, for people next to you and even your annoying neighbour… for the World – that is the moment one can realize how beautiful life can be. It opens oneself to new experiences and horizons. For me it comes with one more condition though – knowing that this love might as well be the only thing that is left after everything is done. Evil never lasts.

We ALL will die. Eventually. That is the unforgivable truth of our World, There can be speculations about us going to other dimensions, afterlife or even about rebirth, but no one knows it for sure. One is clear all the way – at some point of our life, sooner or later, we will leave our body behind. We will die. It seems that many people don’t realize that. They live like everything will last forever, but it won’t. They live like there is time, but there isn’t. They dream and postpone or even abandon their dreams because there will be that perfect moment in life where everyone can make their “dreams come true”, but there won’t be that perfect moment or time. We will die. With or without our dreams fulfilled – we will die. There is but one moment in this life to be lived. It is NOW and it is HERE together with people around you. There is but one person who can change yourself – take a look in the mirror. That is why these lines are being written. There might not be another time for that.

Stop fucking around. There is no tomorrow, There is no “sometime in the future” with rainbows and pretty butterflies shitting cookies all over the place. There is this moment and YOU with all your being in time and space and people around you. Find that love within yourself, Find that drive and make it happen. Not tomorrow, not one week from now. Make it happen this very moment. World is beautiful and unforgiving. Bring in this world the best of you. Love, feel, create, live. Otherwise it will be one more wasted lifetime.