Uniting cultures.

There are many things that happen while playing basketball. There are far many more things that happen while coaching a youth team. That’s when 1am, 2am thoughts happen, when comes the nights of no sleep. Mind is grinding constantly. Especially after games. I am not in this for anything, only thing why I am in this – to prepare the youth for what is coming. Basketball, well, for me it is the perfect game to do it, to teach. Game of intelligence, skill, ability, heart, respect, diversity, unity. BC Hellenen – the organization which stands for every single aspect of this beautiful game. Not only in court, also outside the court. Uniting cultures.


  1. the state of being united or joined as a whole
  2. (mathematics) the number one

There is this thing about unity. Standing strong together. Leaving yourself behind for greater good to others. Many becoming one. Giving your best for others. Being there to learn, to grow and to teach. I always make goals to achieve and hammer out principles to follow through. I also did that when starting to coach U16-2. One of the principles I believed, but never fully experienced till today – “experience and lessons the youth have to understand has priority over winning games”. We lost today, to win tomorrow. To grow, to learn. To unite in downfall. I can’t say the outcome if I did something differently, but I know the outcome that became the reality. Team became stronger the same moment. Players grew mentally. This is why I love basketball, this is why I love to coach. Winning the game today wasn’t as important as me wanting youth to understand.

Yes, opponent bench was longer. Yes, we made mistakes. Yes, there were failures. Yes, we lost. That is just little pieces of life and basketball. There are pieces missing from a regular spectator’s point of view – growth of the team. One time loss, long time win. Love those kids.

Season is long and many lessons have to be learned. For life. It always amazes me how basketball is so close to real life. Maybe because it is life. Life is a game and you got to play it. Basketball is a game within the game of life, you choose to play it. In the end – they are similar. Things I have learned just through the game, through everything around the game. And all those things you can give further, teach others, participate in growth of this amazing culture. Culture of basketball. Culture, where many cultures come together and unite for the love of the game. Where you train your “I” just to go in field and throw it away – so many can become one. You train yourself to get to know your team mates and connect in the ways that are only possible on field. Five players, one heartbeat.

See you in court.


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    Great Article. And there is no “I” in a “TEAM”

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