“Ain’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back – everything is different.” /C. S. Lewis

Last Sunday (28.01.) we met TSV Haar 2 in Hellenendome for a rematch. At first time we met, on off-site game at Haar, we lost with 42 to 34. It was another painful loss back then, because I knew we could have taken it. Now it was time for rematch and show what we had learned in past months. I knew that opponents didn’t sleep and Haar is a very respectable team. This is their second U16 team as first one plays in Bezirksoberliga (2nd Place with 2 points behind 1st – Jahn München). For their second team they have Kreisliga where they are currently at Place 7, two places over us. There was no doubt that if we wanted to win – we had to give our best. Focus from minute one, control the ball in defense, make their best players tired and make our baskets in offense. If we were able to do it – then we had a chance to defend Hellenendome and take another important win in Round 2. Important for our mental strength and confidence for upcoming game at Ottobrunn next weekend.

First Quarter

In first quarter our guests started stronger and made our defense suffer. We managed to score first two points of the game and Haar answered with swift 3-pointer right after. After another made basket and two missed free-throws our offense struggled and Haar managed to penetrate our defense and create good scoring abilities. Our team seemed to be asleep for first quarter and we went down with 8 to 15, Haar leading after first.

Second Quarter

On second quarter team woke up, Hellboys came in dealing a blow. Defense was in control which allowed offense to thrive! We had a good run with good scoring possibilities and team made 25 points this quarter. Haar made only 9 points on second quarter and all were made by #44. So we had managed to neutralize other guys and our concern after the halftime would be this particular player. With this successful quarter we could come back and over the top with 25 to 9 for us we went in halftime break with 9 point lead, 33 to 24.

Third Quarter

Haar had something saved and after halftime break started strong by drawing two fouls from us in first two minutes and scoring 4 points (for our luck missed 2 freethrows). Middle of the quarter went better for us where due to good defense we had some extra ball control in offense and managed to penetrate opponent’s defense. Last two minutes went better for them as we failed to perform in offense and quarter ended with a draw 8 to 8, 41 to 32 we went in fourth.

Fourth Quarter

After some stronger words from my side guys went in. Message delivered and we started strong by scoring 7 points without an answer. Best Haar could do was to draw 2 fouls and get 2 points out of them. With 5 minutes in fourth quarter we were up with 11 to 4. Hellboys made opponent Coach to take a time-out. This did good for players of Haar and they picked up pace to try and even the game. Our main headache stayed the number 44, but before the minute 39 his fuel ran out. From that point onward game turned for us and we could score some more baskets from freethrows and finish fourth quarter with 21 to 16. Hellboys hold their ground in Hellenendome and celabrated victory against strong opponents with 62 to 48.


In this game I saw how far guys have come since first meeting TSV Haar 2 last year. They had developed their basic skills and grown mentally. Confidence was better, they trusted each other and themselves to take and make shots. To make DECISIONS. Very important aspect that has appeared in this teams repertoire. The more decisions they make, the more they will learn – either by succeeding or failing. This team has taken a good direction and we have another hard off-site game this weekend against TSV Ottobrunn (currently Place 6, three places above us). Another tough opponent. Team looks good and despite winning Ottobrunn on Round 1 with 75 to 50 at Hellendome this upcoming game won’t be easy and will take all our focus from first whistle to the very last one.

One Team, Hellenen Go!

Coach Valts