“Before you try to change the World, go three times through your own house.” /Chinese Proverb

Change the World. It seems that is what we need. Despite the fact we are at very good point at the moment – what will future bring if we continue this way? The way of rush, money, needless stuff, spending more and more, producing more and more. One have to just stop for a moment to realize what we are doing as a society, as a civilization. Where do we start the change?

As the proverb suggests – go through your house three times… What does that mean? Simply put, get to know yourself before doing anything else. Chinese are not the only ones who has understood the importance of starting journey with oneself. Socrates before 2400(!) years put it in two words: “Know thyself.” So simple yet it seems that so few do it nowadays… Around some 100 years ago Gandhi started a movement using this approach: “Be the change you want to see in the World.” So, nothing new there… or? One I know for sure, I had to read a lot and speak with wiser and more experienced people to realize and learn importance of “knowing thyself”.

Now, stop at this very moment – take a blank piece of paper (or whatever writing space you prefer), a pen and write a letter to yourself. It will take a few minutes (maybe longer), but it will get you started. Write about your feelings, emotions, visions, experiences. Ask yourself questions. Write yourself out. Get creative. Try to “know thyself”. This is the key to growth.

Start with describing your childhood. What do you think about your parents (or guardians). How did they raise you? How do you feel about that? What did you like or didn’t like? How their parental style affected your development? How do you feel about teachers and mentors in your life? What do you think about your personal growth as a human being? How do you teach your kids (or how do you think you will teach them)? Who has the power over you? Over who do you have the power?

Go on, keep writing. Keep getting to know yourself. This is just a start of your new journey.