Some time ago, like last week or one before that, I read some views on “how you can’t give more than 100%” (sadly, I lost the link on that post and cannot share…) where author was pointing out the fact, that it is only possible to give just 100% at any given moment and that folks (motivators, gurus, coaches) saying to give 110%, 120% or even 121% are wrong, because it is only possible to give as much as 100%.

The point is fair enough and physically it wouldn’t really make much sense to be able to give over 100%, right? For example, if you have a 1 Liter bowl it would be dumb to think that you can pour 1,21 Liter water in it and bowl will hold it. No, it will overflow! This 1 Liter is it’s capacity of 100% and it can’t contain 121% of liquid, silly! This point is legit indeed.

Now, it got me thinking though, how we humans deal with things and again I managed to remember some things out of my own life. I have this friend who once studied in a University. She once told me that she was getting some 110% or 115% on her tests out of 100%. I was like – but how is that possible? She explained – once you are done with the standard test part which will give you 100% you can go extra mile and write about topics (or answer questions) about stuff you’ve learned on your own, outside of required curriculum.

Here is another example out of my school life. Our teachers were strictly on point giving grades 8 (out of 10) if you did your test 100% right. They thought it is not worth a 10/10 if you just learn what they give to you. So we asked what we would have to do to get a 10? They added some random questions at the end and if you got the time and could answer them – you would get  a 10/10. Needless to say, it would require extra work, extra reading and extra research out of school program in order to know answers on those extra questions – because they were random every single time. Once in a while someone (who possessed the random knowledge)  could answer them and raise the bar.

I think these two samples are enough understand how we humans function and build our lives on doing more. Success will come to those going that extra mile. Random stuff will always be in your way for you to prove that you are better, smarter, more prepared, readier than someone else and you are ready to take opportunity presented to you.

That is called giving 121%. Always doing extra. Bowl will get full with 100%, but you will be able to get another bowl by doing 121%. And meanwhile someone else will fill 10 full bowls you will be at 12 full bowls and starting your 13th. And when the time will come, when the opportunity will present itself before you – you will be ahead with your 2.1 bowls ready to grab it, ready to put that extra knowledge and “know-how” in work. Make it happen. Be ready. Give 121%.