“Winners don’t make excuses, when the other side plays the game.” /Harvey Specter “Suits”

In life comes moments when you fail more than usually. No matter what you are doing – outcome just isn’t in favour of you. Then there are moments when you fail because of somebody else. Those are the moments many of us start to make excuses. I have done it, I have seen other people do(-ing) it and I can bet you have done it too, maybe even still doing it. STOP.

Excuses don’t produce solutions, they drag you down and degrade your spirit and good characteristics. Instead – learn the game. If somebody succeeds by blocking you, taking opportunity that was supposedly meant to be yours – they are just better in game you are playing. Sure sometimes someone get lucky, but mostly it is how good you know the game and how much you hate losing.

“You have to hate losing more than you love winning. /Will Smith”

This is the truth. You lose to someone when:

1. He/She is better at the game.
2. He/She hates losing more than you do.
3. Both.

What can you do about it? Shut up, set your goals and priorities and work on your game. If your boss, coach, superior or whoever asks what is going on – admit that you failed and go learn the game, do the work. If you keep losing, if you feel like – “why I have to do this?”, if you can’t get your work done – YOUR GOALS AND PRIORITIES are not set right.

You either have set the wrong goals or you don’t see means of your current position to achieving the goals you have set. Simple as that. Game is the same for everyone else, rules are the same for everyone else. I learned that through basketball and it proved to be true in every aspect in life. No matter – professional athlete, entrepreneur, blue/white collar worker, unemployed, student, coach etcetera. Game is the same in your field for all.

One may be in bad situation. Only one can get him/herself out of this situation and achieve the life he/she want.

1. Set goals and priorities.
2. Learn the game.
3. Play hard.
4. Achieve.

No excuses.